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By plumb38
I have a Siemens thermostatic valve. Similar to this, but my valve is horizontal: ... me-plated/

It used to have a very slow drip. Now it has started to increase.

AFAIK, the screw fitting to the rad is as tight as I can make it. The drip seems to be coming from the air holes in the valve. (Remember that the valve is horizontal.)

Question: Is it easy to unscrew the rotating part without needing to unscrew the whole valve from the rad?

If yes, how do I do that? And how do I fix the leak?

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Hi, if you push down slightly on the plastic part toward the valve then locate and unscrew the chome ring beneath it it will come off.
there is a brass nut beneath that where it may be dripping from.
best result is to change whole valve as there only £7-20 each

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