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Our shower has developed a leak. It is a tiled cubicle with a porcelain shower tray and an old (at least 20yrs) Showerlux bifold door on it. It is leaking from somewhere near the door frame on the far side from the shower head. I can't get it to leak by just running the shower by itself or by standing in it and pouring water over the seals so I'm not sure whether the leak is down to perished sealant or because of an issue with the door. I will replace the sealant as this is probably the most likely culprit.

But while the shower is out of action I wanted to take out the door and give everything a good clean/descale and check there were no issues with the fixings.

My problem is I can't dismantle it and can't find any instructions for assembly or disassembly on line (as Showerlux went out of business some time ago). Does anyone know how to remove the door from the frame? My guess is that one of the panels might lever off, but it has been pretty resistant to me careful attempts to get at it (I would prefer not to break it).

Anyone have any ideas how to remove this intact?


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most doors are sprung clipped on the bottom rail and lift off the top. some are screwed to the bottom slider.
your doing well for a 20yr old unit mind!
it is more than likely the leak is from the 2 corner frames to wall. what i do is drill a 12mm hole on the inner-side 20mm from bottom and look for water ingress indicating the silicone to wall behind fam has failed. These holes can be re-filled with silicone. if you find water in there then best removing whole frame and refitting with plenty of silicone up wall behind frame. otherwise run silicone around outside of frame and 2 foot up.
the enclosure should never have silicone inside the frame as this is where any water needs to drain off back into tray. if it has then remove it.
On that Showerlux door the curved cover in middle of door frame either side can prise off to reveal screws.
Note that you might find that Showerlux door has 2 sets of screw points, - one set that is for screwing frame to wall and the other will have adjustment bolts to pull the inner frame inwards or outwards on the outer profile.
Last thing you want to try is removing the door due to the amount of work involved, so check first and renew any old silicone that has deteriorated.
Do not silicone the lower horizontal inner frame to tray! (Water has to be able to drain from door frame there)

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