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100 %
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could e the diverter valve in the boiler or the thermostatic cartridge in the shower vlve. does your hot water come into the taps quickly?
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it most likely be the thermostat in the showervalve then.can you put up a picture? you will need photobucket or simular then post the link
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Dunc 70 wrote:
March 29th, 2021, 7:45 pm
Just put this address into Facebook and this came up. Plumbing and heating uk
Is this it
no, thats about the only one of a few thats not mine.
type ukplumbersforum
it will be the top one with the link back to here.
far easier to go here-
stick photos in it then copy and paste link here.
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it looks like a thermostatic valve requiring a new thermostat behind the hot handle.
you will need to find the make and model of the showervalve, sometimes on the chrome behind.
it may be a long shot or new valve unfortuanately.
if you turn off the hot and cold supplies you can easily remove the 2 chrome back nts to remove the shower. there is also a filter behind this you can check for blockage.
the hot handle comes off with an allen key usually.

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