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By Tommypee92
Hi all, new to the forum and hoping you can help.

Moved in to a house a while back. The house has had a downstairs bathroom added at some point and tapped in to the downstairs main waste pipe. We had a blockage and had an inspection of the pipe carried out whilst the pipe was being unblocked. Turns out that one of the seals on a join is protruding inside the pipe and causing tissue etc to block.

Here's the problem. The location of the seal is past a 90degree and then 1.5m along (underneath concrete) from access point. I'm thinking if I can cut the seal through the middle of the protrusion, this will ease flow and stop blockages. However, I am struggling to find the right tool or company for the job.

Any suggestions most welcome?


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do the job properly, get a kango and dig it up otherwise everything else is a bodge.
if you cut the seal off then you have no seal to stop leakages going into the surrounding ground ending in a slurry pit over time! :roll:
you only need to access the joint, cut it out and apply a flexible rubber coupling and fill back in, 2 hours work and £40 in materials. that will be £450 with Dynarod or £4000 with insurance! :lol:

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