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By DanS

Can anyone advise where I can source tap tails (copper of flex) for a monobloc tap that come with a 3/8 inch BSTP male thread, for insertion into the tap bloc.

Does that sound an odd size?
No plumbers merchant I have been too has ever seen this, but most are young lads and I suspect this is a 25+ yr old tap and before their time

I've measured it with vernier calipers to confirm and it is 3/8 inch or in mm, 13.7mm.

I can't find any reference to 3/8 inch monobloc tap fittings online.

The tap is solid and great condition. I don't want to bin it for the sake of a tap tail.

As another option, I found 3/8 inch (male) to 15mm pipe adaptors that are used when fitting euro 3/8 tails to 15mm copper at the female end of the tail. ... aps-1538a/

But, they don't have o rings, and no way to titghen them, so dubious I'd get a seal. Has anyone used them?

Any pointers appreciated.
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Hi dan.

i get most of mine from a proper old school merchant. otherwise screwfix have what you need.
3/8th by the way are a uropean mainland size for products manufactured there or turkey.
Any pics?

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