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By sunnybob
I've spent most of my 50 years working life with pipes, and every thread whether hand cut or machine made was tapered.
This last couple years everything I have bought is straight thread. Its a nightmare trying to make a straight thread joint waterproof.
Here in cyprus the most common water connecter is black polyethylene with compression nuts. Fine. But as soon as I try to connect to a brass fitting, the brass is straight thread and the plastic goes all the way in and bottoms out before coming tight. I'm actually having top hacksaw the thread shorter so I can get the fittings in the right position. And brass to brass just immediately runs all the way in by hand.

Whats going on?
By sunnybob
I was a gas fitting apprentice in the 1960's. worked with gas and water right up till I retired. Back then EVERY pipe fitting was tapered, iron, galvanised, brass, even copper.
I truly see no reason for a parallel thread unless its a compression fitting.

Strangely, I cant get jointing paste here. Every body just uses ptfe. I even had to bring back a hank of hemp from the UK several years ago, still got some left.
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