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Good afternoon,

I am looking for some advice and different options. I currently live in a low water pressure property, I am also undertaking a huge renovation in which all pipes/electrics are accessible. Currently my system is running a WB 42CDI 42 KW Combi. During the next couple of weeks I will be installing a further 2 bathrooms in the property, with a total of 3 showers. At the moment our currently shower is working directly from the combi with an afwul output due to the low incoming water pressure, this coupled with an additional 2 would be abysmal.

Do I have any alternatives to give me 3 great showers in the property? The boiler is only 8 months old so this must stay!

How about unvented cylinder with and output pump etc? Electric shower? is this even possible? looking for options and ways to deal with it, even if it costs quite a chunk to do!

Thanks in advance
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sounds like you live on low ground like the fens or high up a hill?
if it were my choice, i would install 150 gallon cold water tanks high up to feed 2 electric showers with built in pumps.
depends on the flow and pressure rate at property also, like, you had a combi installed?
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By Croppie
If money is no object I would be looking at a booster setup as below - ... oster.html

I would also be looking at an unvented cylinder with a decent recovery to cope with the additional demand you're proposing.
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