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Hi, it's good to be here, just need some help and advice, i have put some pictures up, can you tell me if this will work? and be ok, or not ? i am going to add a 15 degree bend between the clay and what i have there already, then cut it all to fit in that gap, then i'm going to add a gulley..any help owul dbe helpful thanks
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SimonG wrote:So you doing a full height stack?
You'll need a rest bend and some means of rodding as well.
Hi SimonG, thanks for the reply, that made up piece there has a long radius rest bend on it, 87.5 and am not doing a full stack, the underground pipe part nearest the step, will be going to a stack, and somewhere on that stack there will be and air ventilation valve, you can use them at a lower height, far as i am aware, do you think what i have there, will be ok to use as i need ? and it not get blocked?, or can you offer any other solution, thanks
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