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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
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it could be & could be other things too!
need a bit more system set up info really.

do you have a drayton programmer as i find those are not that reliable on switching?
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so, you turn on hot water boiler fires up zone valve opens and provides hot water.
you turn boiler off and 2 port closes but boiler still runs thru diverting around by-pass.
does it do this when you switch on and turn off within 10 secs of 2 port opening to be 100% sure of flow direction?
if so, its programmer
if not micro-switch in valve.
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from what your saying then the programmer is naffed- ebay £40
personally i would be going straight to zone valve and testing the micro-switch contact with a multimeter. then if all is correct inside i would buy a programmer.
if the heating valve head is the same then swap them over is worth trying then just run hot water mode.
your choice to your skills!
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