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By sunnybob
Can anybody point me to any shop that will currently send me an overflow for a slotted sink waste please? I have the waste, from a sink that had a built in overflow. I now want to fit that to a sink that does not have a built in overflow.
I dont particularly want to buy another waste unless there is no alternative.
The waste is a 1 1/4" outlet. Thanks
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sunnybob wrote:
May 1st, 2020, 12:36 pm
I have seen a slide over collar and overflow tube on some website, but cant remember where.
I want to keep this waste if possible as it has the pop up plug operated from a knob behind the tap.
i think i know what you mean.
unless i am wrong, you cant have both pop up and overflow to waste. otherwise its specific to a system like franke where most are not interchangeable

also a sink is in the kitchen and a basin is bathroom ceramic :) ... etail.html
By sunnybob
I did use "vanity" in the title, :lol: but yes, its a bathroom basin :oops:

The whole house has the same "pull up" lever behind the tap to close the waste off, but this new "basin" has a separate overflow so i would like to keep the same tap and system throughout.

I know I've seen it, but I just cant find it from an internet page, and all my go to merchants are shut for the duration.
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