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By stephenl

I need to replace my mains water - stopcock - however I am having problems identifining and finding a suitable fitting, to attached to the incomming supply, which I belive is 25mm Alkathene pipe.

The attached image shows the fitting in question

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you
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Personally i wouldnt touch it, a bit low is that unless you can get under the floorboards.
whats wrong with the existing one & why not just fit one above the old one?

this might do it tho' but good luck :D ... y-Stopcock
looks like its this fitting soldered on ... -15mm.html
By stephenl
Thanks for your reply...

It looks like ... -15mm.html
is the fitting...The Polypipe is measuring approx 32mm O/D, would you know if this was 20mm or 25mm I/D ?

I agree, the installers couldn't have positioned this any closer to the floor boards, luckly I have been under there recently when the new gas boiler was installed, therefore, i do have some limited access under the floor boards

The Stocp rooster is leaking from the spindle, plus I ned to install a Whole House water filter, and as you can just see at the top of the photo, there isn't much pipework to make a tidy connection.
BTW - Do you have any suggestions as to a "good" whole house water filter ?

Thanks again
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just re-pack the spindle by slacking out the nut. only time those s/cocks need removing is if they are frozen or snapped!
if its 32mm then you will need a reducer, best calling at a proper merchants for the right fittings tho.
fitting filters just require a re-route 'u' above tap to accomodate,
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