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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
100 %
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not seen that before :lol:

just unscrew the furled nut under the head and fit another.
perhaps the old one was cracked or faulty?
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A fault with a lot of TRV heads is that they are made of recycled plastic (thats why they yellow) and almost allways they get a knock or two from furniture or kids etc.
thats probably whats happened here, just waiting for the internal spring to blow it open. :)
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ceaton88 wrote:
January 4th, 2020, 12:43 am
Turns out it didn't even matter replacing the TRV head as the rad still behaves as if its fully open, confirmed by swapping heads from a known good rad in the house, could have saved myself the hassle of £10 and a trip to the store!
Yes, but..
when the head is off it opens the valve fully, just past highest number ie; 5
problem with this is as a pro plumber, we have seen many a pin (the bit it pushes down to regulate) fly out of its seating leaving you a indoor black ink fountain six foot high!!! :lol: :lol:

leave at your peril- a plumber would be liable but is it worth it for a £6 fitting?

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