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100 %
By Tom
Hi All,

I am stuck on selecting a new digital shower for a main bathroom. (Valiant Combi Boiler)
Would be dual shower with fixed showerhead and smaller showerhead.

Aqualisa Q vs Mira Platinum or Mode or Vision. Is Platinum the latest?

Any views on the:
Reliability (may be hard as the sample size is only probably 2/3 years max)
Ease of Installation

Thanks in advance
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i cant give you any faith i'm affraid as i think they are not worth it.
had a customer with an aqualaisia with dripping head, told her it would be £350 plus labour just to stop it dripping (one drip every 5 seconds) as it neaded a new control board!!!! :o

not a fan in the slightest.
By Craig0787
I can't comment on the mira as I've only stripped them out, never fitted one. I do personally like the aqualisa digital showers though. I've had a few issues with them as I have any other shower valve. I too like Redsaw have came to showers where the valve is dripping and needed the box replacing. I think I've had 3 in the last 8 years, 2 was around 9 years old and the other around 12 so in terms of reliability they do last, and if they fail, your changing the processor, not pulling tiles off the wall to alter pipes for a new valve. The Q smart is a nice shower but I find the features abit gimmicky and you'll likely stick to turning the shower on and off manually instead of selecting different user profiles, I've also had teething issues with the controller requiring visits from aqualisa on a few occasions. Personally I'd go aqualisa but go for either the infinia or hiqu or I-system.
By Craig0787
Slim pickings for digital showers. Triton do a few but I really can't comment on how reliable they are. As far as im aware with any digital shower, you can't get spares. It's a case of replacing the unit as they aren't serviceable. Is there a reason you specifically want a digital? You can get a very nice mechanical mixer for less money.
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the shower i commented on was only 2-3 years old- out of warranty!

give me an electric std or mixer anyday, combi pressure with double stat and cheap parts last years....or a bucket of hot water out the tap :lol:
By Tom
I was thinking just thinking 3-5 years down the line. You know people will transition across to digital.
So future proofing, plus digital just a future extension of the normal mixer showers.

The point about replacing the unit is valid, should any fault arise after 5 years. Seems expensive, would be £300+. parts and labour

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