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By James Foley

Our next door neighbours have installed a gas fire, with a flue going through the boundary wall onto our property (without our consent). On the side of their wall (our boundary wall) they have fitted a large exhaust flue, which you can see in the attachments and which overhangs our garden.

We have two issues with this;

1. It’s large and ugly
2. We are concerned that the exhaust gases would be dangerous. We were planning on building a childs playhouse near to this.

Would you be able to help us understand;

- What do you understand to be our legal position with respect to this. If we wanted this to be removed, is the law on our side. It was fitted in 2013.
- Does it need to be so large and ugly. Are there smaller options that can be fitted so that it wasn’t such an eyesore?
- What would be the recommended safe distance between this flue and a child play area?

I'd appreciate any help or advice that you can provide. We're keen to help our neighbour here and not insist that they remove it, but would like to know options.
Many thanks

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