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I am wanting to replace my 600mm radiator with a wider 800mm. I have never done this before, but I am quite practically minded and have fitted other bathroom fittings. I am guessing that to make a start I need to remove a channel of plasterboard about 200 to 250mm one side of the radiator in order to shorten the existing pipe by 200mm (having used pipe freeze before cutting pipe back) to accommodate the new radiator.

I need some advice with the following, please

  • Push Fit - can I use JG Speedfit or similar?
  • Plastering - how do I repair the channel I have cut in the plasterboard, do I just dot and dab with new plasterboard?
  • Tiling - is there any way I can avoid fitting the radiator valves until I have tiled? I would like to get a really neat finish when tiling around the radiator pipes that emerge from the wall. I was planning to drill a 15mm hole in the tile and slide it over the pipe, but this would require the removal of the radiator valves and the only way I can think of doing this is to either drain the system or freeze the pipe. However, there will only be about 20mm of pipe of less between the wall and the radiator valve, which I imagine will make it difficult to freeze.
Any advice is appreciated.

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