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By Richard
Has anyone tried the new click fix....if you have a job when a nail or screw has been driven through a pipe, dont cut the pipe anymore. No, simply snap on the click fix, heat up the built in solder ring and thats it, a permanent fix. Should be at you local merchants, if not they can get them for you and they are only a couple of quid... !
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No, there £3.49 - but why not just cut pipe and slip on a 39p slip coupler seeing as you go through same process bar using a pipe slice, but then you dont need to file flat either!
why not use one of these and your out finished quicker-customer pays the bill !! ... 2218181722

it will be one of those other things that sit in the van for a couple of years thinking- why did i buy this!
like my aladin stopcok repair, condense to soil filter, trv's with iso's etc...
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did enjoy old forum when ray stafford sent out samples for honest tradesman reviews on products. :D
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TURNPIN wrote:
November 26th, 2019, 7:19 pm
Yes have to agree with you Red liked Old Ray ....(never got any freebies though) regards Turnpin
once upon a time when my daughter was shipping out for the first time to leeds uni with a car full of belongings.
We decided to pick up a parcel from the post office on the way that we missed delivery day before, lobbed it into car with other box;s and headed on up t'north.
after unpacking everything in leeds and helping daughter to settle in, wife said we will go out in a moment to find some food as we were all starving. i nipped out for a quiet fag and thought 'whats in the parcel' i knew it was from Ray as it got williams all over it but thought a trial product or something!
i took the parcel to the front door after discovering what was inside just as the family were all bursting out to get food and i told them to go back inside for a moment. i opened the box and revealled- frying pan, sauce pan, loaf of bread, cooking oil, brown/tomato sauce, sausages, bacon, eggs, mushroome, beans, tomatoes, margerine, salt. All 4 of us had a slap up full english courtesy of mr stafford knowing we would be busy that day! what a bloke :D

YUP! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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