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By Scg1889
Hi guys wonder if you can help me narrow down root cause of a problem. Had a new ensuite 6 months ago and at random times (usually the middle of the night!) the shower head drips out water for 5-10 mins. I've read about various worn parts but wouldn't have thought that was case with it been so new? We also have another shower which 18 months ago started to drop water out so could there be a central issue - could the pump cause this? The other shower is much more predictable though usually 1 hr after use but the ensuite can be very random, not at all or maybe 10, 14 hours after use. It's not happened since we had it fitted but on last 6 weeks or so. I can go back to the place I bought it from but I want to make sure I'm looking for the right thing and not have the shower ripped out if the problem is elsewhere.

Thanks in advance guys.
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