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Nah, had one on wednesday for my nephew- baxi 80e same boiler. tested leads on fan and showed open circuit ie ve- to ve+ and earth all had continuity and at the board. normally the fan impellar flicks a bit when pcb has gone but i couldnt detect anything, no live being sent to fan at all. if the aps has gone it can be jumped to get attempted ignition/fan going. this also eliminates venturi blocked or damaged. So its the pcb but the fan can take out the pcb with it and vice versa needing both parts. The fan is £160-180 plus fitting- Ebay do em cheaper but......

i have refered my nephew to Baxi one price fix which i think is £350 to sort boiler (any necessary parts thrown in) they also give a 1 year cover on the boiler which to me is better for him as its a rental of his.
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RPM wrote:
October 22nd, 2021, 7:48 pm
a refurb PCB sorted this one but thanks for taking the time.
no worries, just seen post. was going to suggest this for yourself ... SwDUpgpLT3
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