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By kitt
bathroom is in a basement flat and central. living room to one side, bedroom, party wall, corridor to the rest. house is three storeys. currently fan vents in to a chimney breast. possible flats above do the same if they above each other. not sure on that.
any one think of options to remove moist air from bathroom and were to?
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By Best
Any ceiling void space for to run ducting? Unlikely I guess.
Maybe take a look at air conditioning option.
Also, - and this might seem a strange comment, but keep bathroom as dry as possible after showering to help avoiding excess moisture from evaporation.
After having each shower best to dry off most of the water on shower doors and tray etc.
you could simply try one of these for the price and wont break the bank v's building mods!
only £30-40 ... ers-197676

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