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Put your Central Heating System question in here.
By PhilHedley
I fitted a milano Skye 1600mm x 280mm aluminium radiator after a kitchen refit. There is a number of quite loud clicks coming from the radiator when the heating comes on and the radiator starts heating. Once its heated up it's ok.
I've removed the TRV head and throttled the flow back to a min. but it hasn't made any difference.
There is a flow diverter/restrictor fitted internally to ensure even heat distribution. The installation instructions say this should be fitted on the flow side which I assume it is? Is it worth reversing the position or is the clicking due to expansion of the radiator???

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Well, i would have said thermal expansion as it being ally its more conductive than steel so moves more. check the brackets as that can be an issue as it rubs along it.
i also suggest throttling it right down to virtual stop and let it heat slower.

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