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The gotcha is without sucking on a siphon hose or overflowing the ground tank.

I'll update this with real photographs when my project is set up. I have a plumbing project. I don't know much about plumbing - so forgive and assume total ignorance.

I have a 22 Litre Tank on the ground. At a higher elevation I have six 25 Litre tanks filled with water. I want for the 22L ground tank to fill with water from the tanks above. I think this is called gravity flow.

I know I can take six hoses and turn them into siphons. How though - do I prevent the 22L ground tank from overflowing. This sounds like a place to put a valve. How would you solve this problem?

Context - the ground tank will be regularly filled and emptied from the elevated tanks. It can start empty or full of water. The elevated tanks are taken away to be filled and placed back regularly too.

This video shows the kinds of vessels being used in a similar way -
SimonG wrote:
July 26th, 2020, 9:24 pm
Float inlet valve
So something like this - ... valve-b610


inside my 22L tank which looks like this - Image

Probably I have to drill a hole with a hole saw so the side inlet can poke out.

The float valve then is connected to something like this - ... -hose.html


Any ideas on what adapter or connector you'd use to connect 1/2 inch flexible hose to the 1/2 inch threaded inlet of the float valve?
Replacing a flush valve.

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