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By charlieboy
Hi, just replacing my kitchen mixer tap. Flexi tails on new tap have female connector. Looks as though old tap tails have male connector (see pics). Can I just remove everything above the isolation valves and connect new tails directly to the isolation valve? (I am assuming these are just small bits of copper pipe to enable the previous male tails to be connected - not NRVs or anything important). Image
IMG_20200518_165626_resized_20200518_052206890.jpg (317.69KiB)Viewed 5429 times
IMG_20200518_165613_resized_20200518_052207161.jpg (174.61KiB)Viewed 5429 times
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By Croppie
Hi Charlie and welcome to the forum.

You could do as you suggest but bearing in mind that the ballafix valve is designed to be used with an olive and so has an internal bevel, you may find you can't get a seal. I would get a couple of 15mm compression to 1/2" male iron straights which have a nice flat face for you to make a seal on .

Hope this helps! ... mm-x/69358
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By Best
charlieboy wrote:
May 18th, 2020, 7:20 pm
Thanks Croppie, I hadn't realised that - so thanks for letting me know. I'll get a couple from Screwfix. I have also discovered that the new tails are not quite long enough. I may have to find some longer (400mm) tails.
Use a couple male straights as Croppie advised but also simply first replace the copper pipes coming out of the isolating valves with longer cuttings to reach your new flexi hoses.
You will need a couple extra olives.
By charlieboy
Here we are, all plumbed up with pipe extensions and male straights - and no leaks (well not now, anyway!). And the hot even comes out of the hot tap, and the cold out of the cold - now that's what I call success! Thanks guys for your help.
IMG_20200526_185021_resized_20200526_070842638.jpg (303.01KiB)Viewed 4914 times
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