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Hello, new user, hope you can help me with some advice.

I live in a block of flats. I received an email from landlord/agent today reminding us:

that the radiator valves in your apartments are not supposed to be used to regulate the temperature. If any of the valves is turned then it causes imbalance in the whole system and results in leak

I don’t know enough (anything actually) about heating systems to argue this - is it correct?
It seems to me if there are leaks, they should be fixed. It seems reasonable to use the valve to control temperature. I have no other means of control. Temperature is set centrally for entire block and very hot.

Thanks for taking the time to read
Pulsifer wrote:
November 17th, 2019, 2:17 pm
Thanks for the reply.

Can I get some specific info please?

Is it ok to use radiator valves to regulate temp?
Can using radiator valves to regulate temp lead to leaks in system?

Thanks again
If your radiator valves are just basic wheel head valves (not thermostatic), then you can’t really regulate the temperature with them unless you turn the wheel head to a nearly off position to have barely flow through it. This would not only be a pain to set up, but would then cause the radiator to be restricted to a certain flow and max output. (That is actually what TRVs are designed to do automatically).
Wheel head ordinary valves can leak if old and worn, badly maintained or just cheap and nasty valves. Just turning them can start leaks at spindle and if you feel the head turning reaches a slack point it often means valve leaks worse at that spot.

TRVs don’t usually leak just because you turn them or in normal operation, but some will eventually still leak at their gland at pin below thermostatic head.
So ask your landlord to replace all valves that are leaking and preferably with TRVs where possible and other necessary updates to system pipework

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