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By banesto72
Hi all. Any idea on the best way to repair this quite visible chip around the shower tap fitting? Is it a matter of trying replacing it? what is the best way to solve the issue avoiding damage to the other tiles and to the shower screen (frameless one with hinges attached to the adjacent tiles)? thanks
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Hi and welcome to the forum, do you know if you can buy those tiles? Only asking because I`m thinking whatever ideas people have you will always know that it is there, it`s like that little mark on the ceiling or the carpet that you just have to glance at everytime. Replacing one tile without damaging others is simple.
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First, i would go with Araldite rapid and some colouring pens or paint topped off with some clear nail polish for about a fiver and an hours work.
if that doesnt look good- smash out the tile, cut the apperture on new tile after removing valve and making good the wall. Then spend time next day grouting and polishing tile to find the rest of the grout looks dull in comparrison so end up doing the lot!!
i like the easier was out :)

in fact after a closer look, thats a bar mixer and the pipes will go through a hole in tile so will have to remove ad drain down waater too! :?

YUP! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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