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By Paul Gleeson
I had a water leak and now my insurance company insist on me fitting a leak detector with automatic shut-off

There appear to be limited products available and the price ranges hugely (£30 to £300)
For example: ... -auto-wcs/
or ... tions.html

Does anyone have experience of these and/or can recommend any products?

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hi Paul & welcome to you & your question.

As with many on here we have repaired many water leaks on behalf of insurers.
(not so many of late though personally)
never had one report of them requesting the fitting of one.

What was the cause of the leak and some back ground will help?

2 things if it were me
1, insist that they have the installation done under your claim for future prevention is in their best interest.
2, get insured with someone else after work completed.

its easy for others to spend your money but are the last to pay up!
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Paul Gleeson wrote:
October 14th, 2019, 4:21 pm
Thanks for replying

However it gets paid for, I'm still looking for some experience of the products that fit this requirement.
never seen those ones before, their American i believe?
theres plenty of other u.k ones for diffrent adaptions. one of the sponsors invented one or two.
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