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During winter my heating and hot water both come on at 5am, and off at 10pm. I want my bathroom rad to be on all the time during those hours. But it changes alternately from fully on to fully off. A complete cycle (from hot-to-hot takes about 2 hours.

The bathroom rad is through the wall from the hot water tank in the bedroom, so IMO the bathroom rad should be hot when water is hot. Bathroom rad has thermostatic inlet valve. (The "always-on" rad is downstairs in the front hall.)

There are no cold spots in the rad. Entire system was power-flushed recently, but that did not cure the on-off-on problem I would be grateful if someone would suggest a solution.

A few years ago, the bathroom rad was "alway on". But when our Vaillant boiler was installed, the "always-on" rad was changed from the bathroom down to the hall.

I'm assuming that it's not a combi boiler and you still have a hot water cylinder.
The bathroom radiator is probably piped off the cylinder circs so will only heat up when the hot water is on and the cylinder thermostat is not satisfied.

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