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hi there,
forget the tape as i never found it much good.
you could get some rubber put that over hole and a jubilee clip to clamp it tight.
but best way would be to get some pipe equal to tha being fixed. cut 2-3'' of it in half forming a 'gutter' -saddle, put plenty of thixoprixic glue on old pipe and new patch. jubilee or tie-wrap it to the damaged pipe. that should do as theres no pressure in the pipe and not constant loading of water.
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never used that before as always used FloPlast SC250 Solvent Cement available at plumb merchant but the one you refer says its for pvc as it says so should wirk!
note: you have a min or to before it goes off, paste both sufaces, press on and wiggle it then camp quickly and leave 24hr before running water through it.
might not need that long but 3-4 hour at least as it hardens.
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