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By Benthompson

I'm a 31 years old, and i'm in the middle of re-training as a domestic renewable energy engineer, based in Manchester. I have recently completed the first part of my college training and passed all my level 2 Plumbing. In order for me to complete my level 2 I need to have 2 maintenance and 4 fault tasks signed off by a competant plumber.

I have really struggled to find someone to help me with this.

All i need is a plumber with a gas safe number to provide me with a bunch of signitures on my anotation of the tasks, an up to date CV and their Gas Safe number so you can be checked and still working and compitant to sign off.

I can pay, as many have asked, but I can give few days graft on a weekend or evening or worth it for a free lunch if thats all you want.

I can drive and will be happy to travel where ever, i'm based in Middleton.

cheers all


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