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By SomeRandomUsername

I'm currently an HGV driver working 6 days a week. I have worked most of my life (before becoming an HGV driver) on sites being a labourer for a plumber and a groundworker so I know how sites work. However I'm looking to become a fully qualified plumber. Unfortunately my dad who was the plumber is unable to work now so that's my only easy option gone!

I have bills to pay so going to college full time isn't an option and these fast track courses seem a bit suspicious. Am I out of luck? What's your opinions on a route I could take?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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find a plumber you can work with, advertise for some work and then give him the leads as the agreement you work with him.
just advertise taps fixed, rads change, basin install etc, something you know you can do well.
failing that then do jobs for freinds and family first. you cant buy a skill you need to learn one.

if you know nothing then enroll on a nvq1-2 course which is mainly theory to get you started.

after doing so you can start to pick up your own work- but you need to be competant at what you do so practice on the freinds list first!
you dont need formal qualifications to become a plumber but to do so compliments your knowledge and ability.

+ i'd ditch that 6 day week job and get off the conveyor belt :lol:
By SomeRandomUsername
Good advice! The idea I've had is to advertise for small jobs and do them on a weekend. Could you elaborate more on what sort of small jobs I could realistically do in a day?

I was looking at nvq but they're all full time... I can't afford to not work, this is where a lot of the problems lie!

😂 Yeah I would love to not work 6 days a week any more. Just a bit crap that lorry driving is the only way I'll earn enough to keep a roof over my head and my bills paid! I don't want to just scrape by any more I want to live! I'm fed up of being someone else's skivvy 😂
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SomeRandomUsername wrote:
December 3rd, 2019, 12:34 pm
😂 Yeah the only way I'll earn enough to keep a roof over my head and my bills paid! I don't want to just scrape by any more I want to live! I'm fed up of being someone else's skivvy 😂
you may or may not be asking the right person here!
i'm contemplating on selling up buying a small apt to rent out in spain, buying a yacht and sailing the southern oceans with nothing mre than a few clothes, food and some small rental income to keep me going, thats living- chasing nothing but the desire to be free of all commitments :D

to my last knowledge- not all nvq's are college based full time if your working in the industry ie small jobs at weekend you qualify for 'experienced trades formal qualification'-nvq that will cost you £750 @last count for nvq2 c&g you will only need 2 site assesments and a 2 days in college one for intro & one doing the exam- allways ways around things- like cape horne :lol:

not promoting this at all but this sort of thing is paygo home study etc but some colleges will take you on what i said Dudley college is one!

when you reply i will give you my best advice yet :D
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SomeRandomUsername wrote:
December 4th, 2019, 1:29 pm
Yeah I would love a camper van and just drive around the world in it! Go on what's your best advice 😂
get int the smart metering jobs. my nephew is as dumb as forks and he got in & im not exagerating on that! they pay you £18k pa just for training where you learn pipework skills and gas certs with gas safe registration. you will be limited to your skills but at £30k pa after training aint a bad base to start is it? you get to drive plumb and earn :D
DYOR on availability ... ions/smart
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