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By AFF21.11
Hi I was hoping for some advice . I had a shower tray and new bathroom in a loft extension fitted in Feb this year and I noticed a long thin crack by the plug. This doesn't seem right for a household of 2 people to break so soon. We noticed some flex in the
tray when it was first fitted but fugured it was normal thinking now it wasn't and want to be able to speak in an informed way with our loft company. Any help would be really appreciated!
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it sounds like you have a light-weight poly tray.
it should be properly supported throughout its footprint by 18mm marine ply and a fixture/leveler of mortar (sometimes copiuos amount of silicone)
it has cracked because
1, not fitted properly
2, faulty tray
3, both
the tray is the thinest at the drain off.

i bet a tenner there is a square foot of nothing supporting at the plug hole and its a cheap shed tray!
in the proof part, i would drill small hole below and inspect with camera before going for fitter or supplier.
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By Best
Welcome to the forum.
As above posts say, shower tray is probably not fitted properly and no warranty with manufacturer if that is proved.
There should be no flex between tray and floor, although some acrylic capped trays have some movement in the acrylic top part.
You need compensation from your loft company. The large cost is probably the labour to have to remove doors carefully and refit after new tray installed.

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