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By Pennyroyal
Hello, we are in a rented bungalow which has a gravity fed system in the airing cupboard adjacent to the bathroom.
The pressure is fine for the sinks in bathroom and kitchen, but the shower is an awful trickle and seems to be getting worse. Lowering the shower head to your waist makes a difference but is not exactly ideal for showering! I have replaced the shower head with one that claims to increase pressure/save water etc, but it has made no difference.
The situation is that our Landlord does not wish to do anything about updating the shower as they may be selling in a few years.
Can you suggest anything I can do, as a tenant, without major expense to help the situation in any way?
Thank you for reading.
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hi there,
i take it is a thermostatic mixer shower?
change the shower head and hose then take the head off and time the water flow as litres per min into a bucket ;)
Hi Penny royal generally gravity showers work best when the cold water storage cistern (cwsc) is far higher than the outlet I.e the shower head hence when you lower the shower the pressure appears to increase the other way to over come this is to lift the cwsc not always possible or fit a booster pump unfortunately not cheap or possible due the storage size of your cheap option either way regards Turnpin :D

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