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By Jamie strand
Hi there...
Would like to ask the forum if there is any way to work with 1/2 inch pipe that is bigger than our modern 15mm, although looks the same size, the 1/2 inch old chrome pipe is bigger and won’t fit in any modern connector. Is there a way to weld a 1/2 inch pipe to the 15 mm? This is for an inlet and would need to stand some pressure... any one who has any suggestions or anything to teach me, please take the time to... I will appreciate it! :?:
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hi, scrape off the chrome.
get a 15mm straight coupler then connect it with a 1/2 olive and some paste.
you can then go straight off it at the other end in 15mm copper.
Alternitavely a 15mm to 1/2"" end feed coupler will transition it better if it is to be done where it cant be accessed in the future.

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