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By Dan robinson
Guys and gals..

Long story short.. I trained and worked for BG, went elsewhere after 8 years, lately reassessment came up.
Been going through some grief, gf, debt and stuff.. in my wisdom 2 months before my gas safe expired I went (semi) self employed working as a sub contractor.
The debt ate my reassessment money.. 2 days ago it ran out..
I lost the subcontracting, the van I hired with it.
So, we pick ourselves up and chin up, start again. Get a solid job, get reassessed and get back to business.
Applied for 41 plumbing jobs in one night. Got a few interviews.
I'm venting here.
But I ask two questions.
1. I've searched for this but.. if your a UK gas engineer gas safe and such.. what other careers has anyone got into with this.. not talking lpg or oil or such.. but has anyone used their skill to change completely? I'm sure alot of people out their have thought this.
2. I see a lot of self employed or small 1 or 2 man band companies with both plumbing, gas safe and electrical.. what course did you take for electrical.. How qualified on paper are you, I've seen basic part p at 13 days for £2100.. It's just an interest as to how you guys managed to diversify.

In all, I loved being a gas safe engineer.
It was my pride.
I will sort this and get back to that.
Sometimes a challenge let's you think.

If you've made it to the end of this venting session, thank you.
All the best,

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hi and welcome to the forum.

i have just helped my lad whos autistic, into getting employed- self employed.
selling boiler parts online and other gear.
small acorns and all that,,,,,, :D

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