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one problem a customer constatly has is a sanishower with basin and shower plumbed in a basement position.
(Approx 5 foot below drains)

the pump always smells after a month or two in a student house let.
i supplied and used the appropriate deodoriser/descaler and last time actually cleaned out the tank.

is this normal and what if anything can cure it?
RPM is your man as you well know... is there adequate fall towards the stack/drain is the room well vented and is it all used on a daily basis some students can be a little shy with the soap and water also is there a reasonable fall from the shower waste.......all these questions perhaps I should have been a policeman lol....regards Turnpin
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Regular problem I'm afraid but understandable when you consider all the shower gel, soap, hair and skin flakes we all shred and the small size of the tank. The official Saniflo cleaner is good for limescale and the toilet waste cleaning however not so much on the Sanishower.
Either needs the gunk removing with a wet vac or adding a non foaming cleaner down the shower waste with running hot water for awhile unless you want to vent it to the outside whilst keeping the lid removable for a repair. And tell them not to pi$$ in the shower! :lol:
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thanks for the ideas.

i bought some more of that expensive cleanser £20!!
the tank was still reasonably clean from when i did it 8 months ago.
the students decided to take it apart and not fitted the seal correctly and the top bung was off :| (what is that top bung for?)

any recomendations of some perfumery scent that can be chucked down plug hole?
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RPM wrote:
November 20th, 2018, 11:19 pm
Top bung? as in cap around 40mm dia is simply a decorative cover for the air vent.
Channel No5 perhaps :lol:
Anything that doesn't foam up really.
yeah, thats the one.
is it supposed to breath? as i have siliconed it down as it keeps popping off as its a bit perished.
i told him earlier today to put some pine disinfectant in plug holes once a week??????????
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RPM wrote:
November 22nd, 2018, 9:46 am
You can expect a call from them that the shower isn't draining properly now.
Pine disinfectant is fine unless they use too much and it bubbles out of the air vent.
Fine balancing act
nah! it will vent from the basin trap wont it?
iv'e tested it before like that and seems good. is there a vent idea thats not too much effort?

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