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yes, about 30 years ago!!

some upstart re-inventing whats already been done for 5x the price :) think its called a jiggle valve found on markets from £3 lol
handy though i wouldnt want to pay £15...........
loads other makes about..
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By Best
I bought one of the Jiggle Valve type that Redsaw mentioned.
Mine is approx a 3/4” clear tube with the valve on one end and designed for transferring diesel or kerosine from a 20 litre drum or whatever.
It was being sold at a local market with a demo and I thought it looked handy. Think it was £10.
Not happy with mine as seems difficult to start the syphon with it. So have it lying somewhere unused.
If there is a better solution, I would buy it.
One way I sometimes start a syphon is to push the end of the hose below a tap spout to fill the hose with water and then just drop the hose to a low level to start it flowing.
The wet vac, if you carry one, is very useful.
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Paulplumb wrote:
September 3rd, 2018, 2:04 pm
You can get a home brew auto Syphon for about a fiver. Not the quickest but very easy to initiate

reminiss about other videos saying to myself ffs shove it in lol. :lol:
there ok but the bladder valve fails after a while, had 3 now!!

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