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the dudley dauntless elite push button flush

never knew the push button had a name!
Push Button for Dudley / Dauntless Elite Cistern
A replacement top fitting push button in chrome to fit the Dudley Elite and old Dauntless Elite plastic style of cistern
Plastic chrome finish. ... -278-p.asp
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By JC Plumb
£12 for a very basic plastic button that probably costs about 20p wholesale. Makes me sick what companies like that charge, doesn't stop me using them when needs must but leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
Like the job I'm currently waiting for a part on, Pheonix Carron Maya kitchen mixer, obscure ceramic inserts - £42.
I agree it's a sellers market for the rarer stuff, like this elite button, elites were usually a daft colour so it's either buy the extortionately priced button or change the whole bathroom suite, but £12 though... Grrr...
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