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By Winston2019
Hi all,

Hoping someone can help with a hot water problem in a recessed basin tap.

In my bathroom I have dual sinks both with hot and cold taps (obviously :D ). Recently the hot water taps have started to drip so I have changed the washers which has fixed the dripping. Unfortunately this has now created a problem where the hot water doesn’t come out the tap anymore. I know the hot water tap unit and new washer works as I have switched it to the cold tap and no problems at all.

After closer inspection it looks as though the old washer in the both the hot feeds is wedged around the nut (as per picture). Both the hot taps are not working and the old washers had completely vanished when I took them off.

Is it too much of a coincidence that the hot water taps have this problem. Is that washer supposed to be there on the hot feed as not on the cold feed?

I am at a bit of a loss and any help would we appreciated.

Thank you.

Novice DIY’er!
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By Best
Hello Winston,
Looks like the tap washers have disintegrated in the hot taps.
This happens on hot taps particularly if the hot water is extremely hot for any reason and worth checking that also to see if hot water source is uncontrolled or overheating.
The remaining parts of the tap washer should be removed by picking them out using something.
Some of the washer might have got wedged into the tap spout or connections to it

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