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hmm, perhaps a thixoprixic solvent glue?
slight expansion and lid full of glue and nowhere to expand thus cracking the weakest spot along a thread!
wipe off excess before replacing cap, dont overtighten and wrap tightly in a poly bag after using i guess.

superglue does this.
more curiously, what you use it for?
By GazMan2
I did keep my superglue in a bag, but not this glue. I should have wiped it as you said. Funnily enough the glue that had stiffened was still spongy inside the tube because it's flexible glue, so very misleading to catch unless checked.

I used it for an insole, made of several sections, through wear and tear the original glue wore loose. I can attest to the reliability of the glue as it worked for me for over a year, a good investment.

I'll be sure to keep it in a bag next time round.


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