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By Jaded
Hi. This boiler is 18 months old. About 2 months ago, the boiler shut down with the fault code EA 227 (ionisation?). Reset was tried several times without success. I removed the covers and noticed that the condensate container was full. I emptied out the condensate and pressed 'reset' again. The boiler has worked ok in the weeks since. Why should the condensate container not discharge and fill up? T I A.
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it has probably got a blockage in the drainage pipe causing the condense to back up and stop the boiler.
the condense bottle also has to have water in it as to stop you getting monoxide poisoning.
i know it looks a simple bit of kit but this is part of the combustion cycle and only be touched by competant registered engineer who understand the process and dangers. Having said that, i do hope everything is put back properly and tested in the correct manor- especially if any other people live in your property!
hope this helps?
This is a top floor, old people's flat, in a 12 year old block, there is no history of blockages in any of the flats. The condensate drain has something like a 30 feet drop to the soakaway. I'm not trying to be awkward - you have the plumbing experience, I don't: but why should a blockage suddenly occur and then be cleared by emptying the bottle? Is there any history of this sort of problem in boilers in general? and then particularly in the B/W family?
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take the pipe off below boiler and pour water down it to see if it runs free.
otherwise call w/b as its under warranty.

the other possibility is a gas supply fault/regulator - but it worked after clearing the condense trap !
& yes, done 3 condenses this week with blockage from the 21mm pipe joint into drain, stops boiler dead and last one was on 3rd floor with pipe into 4'' soil stack % 2 into kitchen waste pipe.

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