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By Nightsway
Hey everyone, thanks for having me.

I write articles for plumbers and electricians on topics related to trades. They vary from historical pieces on the crucial importance of plumbing in civilised society (water really gave birth to civilisation itself), to future projections of new technology and trends within the industry, to hypotheticals like Hydrogen becoming the new gas supply across the country.

All of that waffle is to say - I'm looking for what you find interesting in your field of expertise. Is there anything you'd share with other tradespeople? Some special inside knowledge, a rare experience, or advice you want to pass on?

Are there any related fields that you'd be interested in reading about?

Any and all thoughts, info, insight, and interests are greatly appreciated!

Thanks again, all :)
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thats not 'plousane' is it?

victorian plumbing and lead would be interesting- anything from what we do all day :lol:

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