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By JohnE
Hi all,
i have a customer that as had an issue with a blocked Blending Valve, its happened twice over the last three years. the Blending Valve feeds all of the house and is the first thing coming off the mains, there are tiny bits of debris that is to be expected but the blockage is caused by what looks like to bee a white fabric type material that pulls apart like cotton wool. I have spoke to the water board but not getting much of an answer. Has anyone else come across anything like this?
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What! a blending valve off the mains- please explain its exsistance, whats it blending bees and honey?
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RPM wrote:
January 17th, 2020, 5:30 pm
Are we talking about a shower?
its the first thing off the mains????? :?
dont understand unless its a filter strainer or pressure reducer !

we need some pics
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SimonG wrote:
January 20th, 2020, 6:34 pm
Fit a strainer before the valve.
i dont undestand a blending valve direct off mains-blending what! or is the hot re-routed to top of stopcock? :?
I'm thinking op isn't talking about a blending valve, there is no logical reason to have a blending valve as the first thing off the mains. It's more likely the stop tap comes in near an unvented cylinder and the first thing after the stop tap is the combi valve and the whole house is fed from this so everything is balanced.
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perhaps something like this O.P?
easy to confuse if not used to seeing them, common on new builds. ... -regulator

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