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By phouttier
Hi there! My name is Pierre, I am new to this forum. I created an account as I am just starting my career as plumber in freelance and I am struggling to get paid in time, as most of the time, my clients say bank transfer is a hurdle. They usually ask me if I could accept cash or take the credit card, but I don't want to pay any extra fees or carry cash with me. Do you know any other free payment solution? I heard of apps called Banked or Cash on the App Store. Have you tried them before? Can I trust them, or do you know any other easy solutions? Thanks a lot :-)
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depends who your working for!
contracts i just accept BACS transfer
private i take cash Bacs or paypal.
the paypal works well if sent as family or gift and is easily accesible to send into your bank account.

i used to have a card machine with 1.6% charge per transaction but that broke and not bothered replacing it as the other methods work for me.
By phouttier
Thanks a lot for your answers. In the end, I did some researches and did give a try to the Banked app. First feeling is that it's pretty practical, I send a link that I create with the app to my clients, and they can pay me by just clicking on it and go through a quick process. Payment is real time as well, no need to wait for 3 days like BACS to receive the money. The only negative I would think of right now is that I always have to explain to my clients what's exactly this link is about as most of them have never seen this in the past, and this is quite painful. I will post an other update in a few weeks if I have more to share, positive or negative.
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offering alternative like a lift one way to ATM usually solves this quickly.
your jobs done and you want paying by your acceptances, not theirs!
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