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Put your Central Heating System question in here.

I have a hot water tank, 3 header tanks in the loft and so I am assuming I am on an open vented system. I wish to replace a bathroom radiator with a wider one so will need to extend the existing pipework. I also want to tile around the pipework by drilling the tiles (for a neat finish) and sliding them over the 15mm pipes before attaching the radiator valves.

Can I isolate or turn off the water feed to the radiators to enable me to do this or do I need to drain the entire system? If so, how do I do this?


those tanks will be your hot water supply.
i presume you have a mixer or power shower?

it will be the little tank your after which is for the heating top up. turn the supply off to this tank (5 gallon) then find and fit a hose to the drain off rooster under a radiator near front or back door and empty the heating circ (make sure the boilers off).

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