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A while ago I replaced the o rings in my kitchen mixer tap spout....simply by removing the grub screw at the back of the spout and removing it in seconds. BUT I tried to do the same job on a friends mixer tap which is leaking from the bottom of the spout where it meets the base. HOWEVER there is no grub screw and no shroud etc. The spout is quite wobbly anyway but I tried with a lot of upward force with the spout in EVERY position but it won't budge ...ARE some of these spouts made so as not to be removed which means a new tap?.....many thanks
You may be correct. friend exerted upward pressure on the spout at the same time as I turned it slowly from left to even touched the rear wall on both sides.!.no joy..because the tap is so close too the rear wall about 3 inches..I think the "line up" to remove the spout is turning the tap spout beyond the rear of the tap but that would be impossibLe! ..if I have to remove the taps I might as well get new taps ..many thanks

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