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By joni os
EverBuld Stixall , not cheap but readily available, has served me well in the past. Used to fix stainless steel panels,to tiles and render, (commercial kitchen), and corian solid surface panels, 13mm thick, direct to plywood backing in shower enclosures. Also corian to painted plaster,( bathroom), having first scratched surface to ensure bond to background, not just paint. Grab strength seems good but I always use temporary support to avoid vertical slippage/creep.
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i only use silicone ;)
i take into consideration it may be removed and renewed in the future :?
@ 3/4 tube per 2.4m x 300mm panel
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By Best
Thanks guys for replying. You actually have both reinforced what I was thinking.
My thoughts were some of the grab adhesives, like Stixall, would be best but extortionate cost if 6 or 8 tubes used. And was thinking same as Redsaw, that removing them in future from a screwed plywood is probably a nightmare.
Ordinary silicone might be okay. I reckon allow for 3 tubes per panel, as although the wall is near perfect flat and plumb, using a decent diameter of adhesive bead to ensure full contact will use lots of tubes. The merchants think 1 or 2 tubes would do, but they clearly haven't fitted any panels. I seem to always use a lot.
I have to now do the final fit and might opt for high strength adhesive like Stixall, whatever is cheaper and I just don't want to ever go back to remove the panels.
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By Best
SimonG wrote:
November 6th, 2017, 12:21 am
Aye just sealing to ensure good adhesion. Takes 10 minutes but at least I know the wall will be sound.
I can never manage to only use one tube of adhesive.
If I tried that, it would obviously have to be a thin bead of adhesive used and I would have thought even if walls are near perfect, there would be large gaps to fill.
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By JC Plumb
Cheapest silicone in the shop for me. Only fitted PVC multipanels, theyre 2400 x 1000. I'd say about 1-2 tubes per panel, a decent sized blob every 200mm and a 10mm bead all the way round near the edge. Couple of small props, maybe 2-3mm underneath if sitting on a bath or shower tray, then final visible silicone the next day done with a fugi and decent silicone.
First time I fitted them was with KJ and we used some out of date silicone that the merchant was selling off for 50p a tube :D

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